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Cocaine Vs Cok-N


$125 per gram $2 per capsule
Illicit worldwide Licit in all countries
Horrible Side-effects Completely free from side-effects
Unending addiction Not at all addictive

Stay Updated With Cocaine Facts

It is absolutely essential to know about drugs. The facts about cocaine are vast and equally important to know. Getting the facts straight about cocaine will surely keep you out of harm’s way. Here we give you a detailed picture about what cocaine is in reality…


Commonly Known As Charlie, Snow & Coke
Cocaine is classified as a very strong addictive narcotic drug. Usually powdered form of cocaine is sniffed by coke addicts but sometimes it is also dissolved in water and injected into the body. Crack cocaine is the one that is counterbalanced by an acid and then prepared into the form of a hydrochloride salt. The cocaine made in this way comes in a rock crystal form & is heated with its vapors being smoked by addicts. The crackling sound when this is heated gives it the name of “crack”.

The prices of cocaine are never the same. It differs radically from place to place. The studies conducted by our experts reveal that the average street prices from 20 separate regions of England are as under:

1 ) A gram of pure coke powder usually costs between £30 and £60.
2 ) A single crack rock costs from around £12 to £20 while a slice or ‘clubbing rock’ costs around £10.


Regardless of where ever you go, getting the purest form of cocaine always depends on luck. Generally cocaine powder is blended with other stuff like sugar or starch. The absolute purity of crack is entirely based on the type of cocaine used in the making.


What Cocaine Does To A User?

The High Kick
Cocaine affects the psychological and physiological health of its user. It acts in a jiffy after using thereby causing an initial sense of exuberance and complete confidence in oneself. It will give the user a rush of physical energy and mental awareness. Cocaine will also make the user become fully conscious and feel charged up to think, speak, behave & work on impulse with no care whatsoever. The person will experience a sense of “acceleration” in him.

The Crash
The prompt reaction reached after taking cocaine is transient as its effects last for just 2 to 4 hours or maybe less. A user reaches his climax quickly (if snorted) but the effects tend to remain only for 15 to 30 minutes. An uneasy & pressing need for more of cocaine is developed subsequent to its ‘come-down’ effects. After this comes what they call the “crash”, in which the user experiences raw nerves, physical weakness, a feeling of despair. All of this the use will go through quickly & suddenly, just as quickly as the “lift” or “speed” had come. This makes the user get easily irritated, become bad-tempered, he sulks or gets restless & can even get violent.

Mental Collapse
Heavy doses of cocaine causes a stutter in speech, confused thinking, aggression, impatience and nervousness, all indications of an impaired mind. It leads to a social, intellectual and emotional crash, marked by mental instability, serious psychological shocks and chronic behavior disorders. A sudden withdrawal can be extremely bad as this can trigger a complete mental imbalance.

Nasal Blisters
Regular snorting or sniffing of cocaine causes nasal blisters and, in acute cases, perforates the dividing wall of the nose & causing nasal hemorrhage.

Body Sores
Injection of cocaine leads to abscesses, sores and scars which is a significant a way of identifying a narcotic or cocaine user.

Overworked Heart
Cocaine speeds up the working of heart which results in rapid breathing, soaring blood pressure, irregular heart beat, perspiring, acute headache, sallowness and, sometimes, heart malfunction and death. It makes the tongue completely insensitive and causes a dryness of the mouth.

Chronic Effects
Constant abuse of cocaine has lifelong effects on users like emaciation due to loss of appetite, ethical deterioration due to self-neglect, unsociable feelings & oblivion resorting to felonies.

The Hallucinogenic Effects of Cocaine
Hallucinations can be good or even extremely bad with fear-filled illusions due to cocaine abuse & this varies from user to user. The hallucinations induced by cocaine usually are a vision of numerous bugs crawling under their skin. Addicts are seen scratching themselves until they bleed in an effort to remove these imaginary bugs that they see under their skin.

In addition delusions, distrust and harassment are common behavioral problems seen in cocaine addicts. These often lead to antagonism as it makes a user undergo a tremendous psychological crash making him a psychopath.


Cocaine is classified as an “A Class” controlled drug. Cocaine may be prescribed in certain situations, but its production & supply is banned all over the world to produce. It is even to illegal to possess it without a prescription. However, like all illegal activities, peddling of cocaine secretly is rife in most countries of the world.

In African countries like Nigeria & South Africa, possession of cocaine is a criminal offense.

In most Asian countries it is illegal to use or possess cocaine. In Hong Kong, the use and possession of cocaine is considered an offense unless approved by the Department of Health. Possession of more than 30 grams of cocaine is banned in certain countries like Singapore. The court’s verdict can be stern penalties or even the death sentence for such criminal acts.

Middle East
Use and possession of cocaine is completely unlawful in the Middle East.

Australia & New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand have classified cocaine as a “Schedule 8” controlled drug. Illegal possession of cocaine is banned here.

United Kingdom
Most European countries, including the United Kingdom, have classified cocaine as a “Class A” drug. This drug is highly prohibited by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Stringent measures & procedures have to be followed to avail this drug for medical purposes.

USA & Canada
In the US & Canada, cocaine is graded as a high stimulant drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Cocaine possession & use is strictly prohibited.

The Illegal Business

Although possession and selling of cocaine is a crime, it is still peddled covertly around the world. With its growing demand, the prices of cocaine keep getting higher everyday in these black markets. Anyone caught in dealing with cocaine are detained & indicted with grave charges as this is a serious criminal offence everywhere.

Cane the Cocaine

Scientific research has confirmed cocaine as a potent CNS stimulant, which impedes the normal performance of the brain. Cocaine being a highly addictive drug, it becomes all the more difficult for any cocaine user to overcome its termless addiction. There is no option for a cocaine user who is addicted but to depend on cocaine for life or look for other drugs like LSD to fulfill bodily needs unless he seeks medical help & counseling. It is extremely hard for a cocaine user to put an end to its addiction.

Almost in all countries government has provided facilities like setting-up of rehabilitation centers to look after cocaine drug addicts. Governments also assist and support the families and relatives of cocaine abusers in most countries. Efforts by the governments such as drug counseling and social awareness programs informing individuals of the bad effects of cocaine use, has helped to reduce the death rate due to cocaine use to a great extent in the last few years.

Cocaethylene: The Additional Hazard

To mix cocaine with alcohol is extremely dangerous. Medical studies carried out by the NDA show that when these 2 elements are taken together, the human liver combines cocaine and alcohol to produce a new substance called “cocaethylene”. This worsens the effects of cocaine and also increases the probability of unexpected death.

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